Kanye changes into the elegant style under the influence of his little daughter? Do you like the new Yeezy 350 Boost with the color of “butter”?

In more recent, Kanye was likely to be occupied in earning more money for his third princess, yesterday we introduced the general date of releasing for the new “daddy shoe” Yeezy Desert Rat 500 with three colors to you, and brought you with the new brief Chalk Thick Snaggy designed by Kanye. Today, a master in Instagram shared Yeezy 350 Boost with the new color for you which was named as the “butter” color. It can be seen from what the picture shows that this color belongs to the warm color and it’s extremely elegant, which seems as if combining the color of “ice yellow” with the color of “peanut butter”. However, it is said by the master that the shoes with the color of “butter” are more likely to be changed into the color of “peanut butter”. The release date is approximately in June at the price of 220 dollars, please keep on your attention to our updating for the specific release date if you are interested in it.

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